Sunday, April 6, 2014


What did you learn from using Twitter? Who was the most interesting person or persons you followed and why (provide examples)? Do you think you will continue to use Twitter personally and/or professionally after this course? Why or why not?

Twitter is free professional development. I use it daily and it truly does help you connect yourself with the outside world and gives you an opportunity to collaborate with teachers around the world. While participating in chats on different educational topics you learn so many things in a quick amount of time which is great as an educator. There are so many different chats at different times that you can always find one that fits with your busy schedule! The most interesting person I follow and the most favorite is Ann Feldmann. She is one of the technology coordinators in my district and she is always providing me with professional development and ideas. She is also google certified and has a very large PLN which is very helpful as an educator who has the opportunity to work and learn form her. Below is a few of her tweets from Friday when she was in my classroom and planned with me. 

As you can see she is always introducing me to new aps and giving me new information which is awesome! Another example of why she is the most interesting person I follow is because she is always introducing new multimedia through her tweets like in her tweet below. These come daily and its wonderful having her to introduce me to so many new things. 

Absolutely I will use twitter on a daily basis. This class has brought me to meet new Twitter followers and has increased my PLN. There are so many educational benefits of Twitter and I try to get educators that I know using Twitter as much as possible!

Twitter is a game changer.

Twitter is a game changer. I am constantly amazed at how quickly you can connect with other educators around the world. One of the people you might consider following is Richard Byrne. He is a Google certified teacher and author of the "Free Technology for Teachers" blog at Spend some time exploring the posts on his blog and the links that he suggests. What did you discover? What would be useful in your classroom?

I completely agree that Twitter is a game changer. After exploring his site there are so many different posts on different topics that I am interested in. I am lucky enough to teach in a district where our technology coordinators are also google certified and are absolutely amazing. They have completely changed my teaching in these last few years and I am better because of them. I was already using Twitter, but for personal use and after meeting them and learning from them I have changed my use of Twitter to professional use and it truly is amazing. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many educators with the same philosophy and beliefs as me and learned from them. I have been able to collaborate with people around the world!


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